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clambake party caterer
The Clambake is prepared in our special above ground cookers using seaweed (rockweed) flown in from the East Coast for that authentic flavor. All of the food is cooked on site and usually takes one and one-half hours to steam.

We will arrive approximately three hours before dinner is served so that everything is set prior to your guests arrival. Heavy paper plates, silverware and crackers, bibs and servers are provided to make your Clambake complete. You might consider having your guests arrive in time to see the lobsters before they are "put to bed". Many guests enjoy seeing the live lobsters and the cooking procedure.

The meal is served buffet style with all the steaming delicacies spread out on long tables in their wooden cooking boxes. Our servers then move to the tables to help your guests crack their lobsters. Then they're off to bring on more helpings of steamed clams as well as "seconds" throughout the meal.

The Clambake can be given in your backyard, at the beach, or in any outdoor setting. The only requirement is a source of water and parking within one hundred feet of the cooking site.

See the process at a recent party by the Clambakers, airing on the food network "BBQ with Bobby Flay". View

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